Silver Jublee Publications
  1. The Silver jubilee year marked a round of introspection with activities round the year which included the main issues highlighted during the Regional consultations is given in Annexure 1.
  2. Five regional consultations in the different regions SPWD is working namely Uttrakhand, Western Region, Central Region, Eastern Region and Southern Region. The consultations dwelt on the issues relating to livelihood on the one hand and land, water, animal husbandry, forestry and micro credit on the other. Mining was also taken up as an issue in Eastern region.
  3. Wastelands characterisation exercise , beginning with two pilots in Rampachodavaram and Jaisamand
  4. Revisiting a number of projects of SPWD across the country some old and some ongoing in order to get a feel of the issues from a distance. A summary of the studies is given in Annexure 2
  5. A set of 6 publications of old articles from Wastelands News in relation to Forestry ( 3 volumes ), Water ( 2 Volumes ) and Ecology, Livestock , gender, Governance and Land Use