NRLM-MGNREGS-CFT convergence program

SPWD has also been working on CFT-MGNREGA project that aims at convergence of MGNREGS and NRLM through setting up of Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT). The strategy is to increase the income of households of small and marginal women farmers through capacity building by planning and facilitation of MGNREGA. The objective of the project is to synergize the functioning of MGNREGS and NRLM as both address rural employment and poverty from different angles. CFT is helping enhance the quality of assets being created in the MGNREGS and ensures better sustainability of rural livelihoods. During the year 2015-16, specific activities were implemented as per government directives like – (i) Yojana banao abhiyan, (ii) Kaam mango abhiyan, (iii) Holding of special gram sabhas, and (iv) Facilitation in construction of dobhas (water bodies). The work was implemented as a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Rural Development, State Government, district, NREGA workers and SPWD.