Developing the model demonstration sites and creating awareness for environmental benefits related works under MGNREGA in Rajasthan

Developing the model demonstration sites and creating awareness for environmental benefits related works under MGNREGA in Rajasthan


Brief Background: The project identifies core focus areas for demonstrating the positive effect of MGNREGA works on generating environmental benefits. The focus areas include works related to water conservation, improvement of vegetation and soil. Developing the NRM base of these GPs will provide short, medium and longer term environmental benefits. During such process project interventions will be aimed at strengthening capacities of GPs to better implement MGNREGA works related to environment benefits. This will include increasing awareness about environmental benefits among all the stakeholders, helping GPs improve, planning and implementation of technically sound and environment related works, supporting in better maintenance and monitoring of these works.

Broad Objective

  • Generate awareness about environment benefits among different stakeholders including MGNREGA functionaries, workers and villagers
  • Build capacity to plan, implement and maintain works related to environment benefits among different stakeholders including functionaries, MGNREGA workers and villagers.
  • Support & add value to the implementation of MGNREGA works that have EBs.
  • Showcase the pilot for upscaling for other MGNREGA works and institutional arrangements

Specific Objectives:

  • The Gram Sabhas take environmental aspects into account at 75% of the demonstration sites, when selecting Mahatma GandhiNREGA measures;
  • Participation by women in these Gram Sabhas is at least 20% higher on average than at the start of the programme;

Date of Start & Duration: 1o September 2015 to 9 September 2016 (1 year)

Funding Agency: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ))

Brief Progress: The project is being implemented in the Nandrai and Kakroliya Ghati in Bhilwara district and Abhaypur and Sehnwa Panchayats in Chittorgarh district. SPWD team provided handholding support for revision technical design of proposals from gram sabha for EBs works under MGNREGA. The team pursued with the Gram Panchayat, Block and District Administration to ensure that the works demanded by the community is included in the supplementary plan and budget. SPWD team also provided technical support to GPs and block functionaries for planning for MJSA 2015 at Bhilwara. A detailed survey of all the water sources was done with the help of GPS in both the panchayats and village wise GIS based planning maps were generated for existing and proposed structures. Detailed layouts with all necessary information were shared with Gram Panchayats and selected members of line departments like Irrigation, Block office officials, BDO, PHED, SDO and PRI members. Support in IPPE-II and preparation for Gram Sabhas was also done. The team also worked for mobilizing communities and assisting them in registering their demand for work by training people within the community to fill Form -6 (for registration of demand for work under MGNREGA.