“To prevent arrest and reverse the degradation of life support systems, particularly land and water, so as to expand livelihood opportunities in a sustainable and equitable manner through people’s participation.”


Since its inception, SPWD has been playing a catalytic role in reversing the process of degradation of land and other related natural resources in partnership with grassroots Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and community institutions. SPWD’s focus is on obtaining knowledge from the grassroots level and influencing the larger systems, policies, and programs of the government as well as other concerned agencies. Our broad organizational strategies are:

  • To develop and strengthen partnerships with compatible NGOs and grassroots institutions to conceptualize, facilitate and promote the region and location-specific measures for reclamation of degraded land, water, and biomass resources, and enhancement of their productive potential;
  • Promote linkages between resource institutions, partner NGOs, policy-makers and other relevant agencies for sharing knowledge, technology, and experience for natural resource regeneration and management, in a sustainable manner; and
  • Document and disseminate lessons from field interventions for the benefit of different stakeholders and use them for awareness-raising and advocacy for legal, policy and procedural reforms.

In the current year, the focus is on improving capacities of and governance by local institutions for more productive and sustainable management of natural resources. SPWD is dealing with issues of soil, water and forest management on the ground as well as undertaking studies and organized debates/consultations on these aspects.